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A long tradition in innovation

It started in the late 1960s. All over the world, leading musicians and conservatory teachers joined forces. Mogens Ellegaard, the Danish accordionist who died in 1995, was the initiator and spokesperson of this group.

He visited various factories with a wish list. Only one manufacturer was willing to cooperate… and that was PIGINI. This choice has brought the factory to what it is today.

On June 6, 1946, Filippo Pigini registered the firm “F.lli Pigini di Filippo” with the Chamber of Commerce of Ancona. His partners were: Adriano, Gino, Luigi and Marino Pigini.

Their enthusiasm and need to make a living made their company one of the most dynamic in the field of accordions.

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Pigini-Italy (11)

Deliveries to musicians in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Egypt and Pakistan showed the international spirit of PIGINI from the beginning. The company was run for many years by Gino Pigini who at the age of 14 was already an expert “vociarolo” (reed maker).

He believed in young people with new ideas and the will to learn. He quickly formed a team of exceptional artisans, and to this day his work and philosophy are the foundation for the excellence of PIGINI’s products.

His legacy of joy, confidence in the future and persistence in the pursuit of their goals underpin the superior quality of PIGINI’s instruments.

PIGINI performers

An ode to dutch musicians


Every instrument a masterpiece

PIGINI makes masterpieces that are distinguished by the top quality of the materials used, the design and the craftsmanship.

Every instrument has been carefully crafted so that it always has the same high sound quality. In this way, PIGINI meets the needs of aspiring musicians and the high demands of famous professionals.

The well-considered dimensions, the processing of the wood, the strength of the felt, the smooth movements of the levers, the adjustment of the springs… PIGINI forges all visible and invisible details into a world-class instrument.

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Leading and exclusive

For many decades, PIGINI has now been making world-class accordions. This is due to the constant interaction between musicians, teachers and PIGINI. Hi-tech accordions are built in a traditional, artisan way and according to a modern standard.

By always being inventive and fully engaged with the latest developments, PIGINI is able to build an instrument with its own feel and dynamics. As a result, it meets both the conviction of the music and the wishes of the musician.

The accordion top of the world plays on the already legendary Mythos. The experience gained in developing this instrument is applied to all PIGINI models.

Pigini Nederland

Inventiveness is our strength

Ever sincs 2001 we have been the exclusive importer of PIGINI accordions in the Netherlands. Professional musicians, teachers and musicians ranging from beginners to advanced know how to find our way to us for years.

We are happy to help you choose a new instrument, but also to solve problems such as too heavy, too light or a wrong attitude. Service, maintenance, modifications, nothing can stop from finding the best solution for you. Just tell  us your wishes.

The feeling you get when playing a PIGINI cannot be captured in words. Reading is not enough, you just have to experience it.

Getting curious? Please contact us.

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