Super Bayan Sirius

*Handmade reeds

Right hand
5 rows, 106 buttons, 64 tones
4 chorus, cassotto (2)
15 registers, 8 chin registers

Left hand
58 free bass
3 chorus, 5 registers + R

120 standard bass
7 chorus, 5 registers + R

Dimensions: 46,5 x 23,5 cm
Weight: 13,9 kg


Artistic ability and brilliance alone are not enough to put down a perfect performance, a suitable instrument is needed as well. The PIGINI Super Bayan Sirius fulfills this need completely, combining traditional Italian craftsmanship with the most advanced technology.

All PIGINI Sirius models are made with carefully selected materials. They offer an exclusive delicate touch and an enormous reach of up to 64 tones. The shape of the instrument is the result of numerous studies aimed at energy-saving, to guarantee an effortless performance.

PIGINI has developed an instrument with enormous possibilities, observing weight, balance and ergonomics. The result is a top instrument based on a format that has been a great succes for decades, without any major. The basis has always remained the same, while old instruments are scarce and retain much of their value.

Since we started production they’ve been used in the most prestigious conservatories and have witnessed the victories of famous artists in well known international accordion competitions.

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