Sirius Compact

*Handmade reeds

Right hand
5 rows, 101 buttons, 61 tones
4 chorus, cassotto (2)
15 registers, 8 chin registers

Left hand
55 free bass
3 chorus, 5 registers + R

120 standard bass
7 chorus, 5 registers + R

Dimensions: 44 x 23,5 cm
Weight: 13 kg


PIGINI Sirius Compact is the top class concert accordion with the smallest dimensions. Just typically PIGINI – compact, elegant and with the best musical performance. This instrument focuses on the low height of the casing, it’s basically a compact version of the Super Sirius Bayan button accordion. The Sirius Compact is a concert accordion with an even smaller size of 44 x 23.5 cm. Compared to the Super Sirius Bayan’s size of 46.5 x 23.5 cm, this means a saving of 2.5 cm.

The instrument of choice for the musician who wants the best compact concert accordion, and accepts a few notes less tonal range in exchange for the clear advantage in size and weight of nearly 1 kg.

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