NÒVA Piano

*Handmade reeds

Right hand
47 keys
4 chorus, cassotto (2)
15 registers, 5 + 3 (multiswitch) chin registers

Left hand
58 free bass
3 chorus, 5 registers + R

120 standard bass
7 chorus, 5 registers + R

Dimensions: 46,5 x 23,5 cm
Weight: 13,4 kg


PIGINI’s trademark is a continuous quest for perfection. Thus, PIGINI launched the Mythos, its legendary flagship. It’s a limited, now completed edition of 33 unique pieces, made for and praised by the greatest accordionists worldwide.

And then…
PIGINI followed up with the Nòva in 2010, an instrument that represents a magical sound spectrum and perfect adaptation to the musician; the result of a combination of ancient traditions and technologically balanced ergonomics.

PIGINI’s years of experience in the field of sound response of various types of wood has led to a completely new acoustic construction. NOVA is literally made of the right stuff: mahogany, maple, fir and beech. This combination gives the chores outside of the cassotto a fine, smooth and expressive tone, while sounding even warmer and rounder inside of the cassotto.

A whole new range of handcrafted reeds is designed to meet the highest PIGINI standards. This new reed design gives the sound even more dynamics, guaranteeing a wide expressive range from pianissimo to fortissimo without any effort. The easy-to-strike reeds, a powerful bass side: the instrument is balanced in every way. This allows the player to have a seamless cooperation with his instrument. The demanding player receives very, very much.

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