NÒVA Piano

*Handmade tongues

Right hand
47 keys
4 corig, cassotto (2)
15 registers, 5 + 3 (multiswitch) chin registers

Left hand
58 melody bassen
3 corig, 5 registers + octave coupling

120 standard bags
7 corig, 5 registers + octave coupling

Size: 46.5 x 23.5 cm
Weight: 13.4 kg



PIGINI’s trademark is constantly looking for perfection. Pigini once launched the top model, the Mythos. This is a limited, now completed edition of 33 unique copies, intended for and praised by the largest accordionists worldwide.

And then…
As a follow-up, PIGINI developed the NÒVA in 2010, an instrument that stands for an enchanting spectrum of sounds and a body-cast instrument; the result of a combination of ancient traditions and a technologically balanced ergonomics.

PIGINI’s many years of experience in the field of sound response in the various types of wood has led to a completely renewed acoustic structure. The NOVA is literally cut from the right wood: mahogany, maple, spruce and beech. Because of this combination, the choirs outside the cassotto contain a fine, harmonic and expressive sound, while within the cassotto they sound even warmer and rounder.

An entirely new series of handmade tongues is designed according to the strictest PIGINI requirements. This new tongue design makes the sounds even more dynamic, guaranteeing a wide, expressive range that effortlessly reaches from pianissimo to fortissimo. The easily appealing tongues, a powerful bass side, the balance is present throughout the instrument. This creates the basis for a seamless collaboration between player and instrument. The player asks and gets a lot.

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