Basson C39

5 rijen, 67 knoppen, 40 tonen
3 korig, 4 registers
4 kinregisters

Afmeting: 49,5 x 26,5 cm
Gewicht: 9,5 kg


The PIGINI Basson is a very respected instrument that has fully proven its right to exist the last decennia. An essential part and a great benefit to every orchestra. Reeds of an impressive size, especially designed for this instrument, are doing their job faithfully within the instrument. The Basson is a strong instrument on which you can count, a bass accordion that plays light and reacts immediately, that can sound easily very soft but if necessary generates a very powerful volume. The P39 is moreover a 3 chorus instrument which gives an extra rich sound.

NB: The Bassons can be delivered with a proven microphone (DPA) and amplifying system which amplifies the sound of the bass accordion very beautifully and naturally. Many orchestra already make use of this system and are very content with it.

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